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The various companies within Oranje Group have as objects of activity constructions and electrotechnics.
Each company owns a series of certificates, permits and accreditations. Click in order to see the connections between these certifications and the various companies

Oranje Group


We find the right person for the right job, for the right customer: we put you in touch. This is the objective of Oranje Group, for more than 20 years already, by recruiting & selecting, temporary work and secondment. Our many years of experience have helped Oranje Group to build an entire network in constructions and electrotechnics, that grows day by day. From Rotterdam, where the headquarters of Oranjegroep is located, we provide jobs on a daily basis to over 2500 people for our customers, mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium, but also in other EU countries. Having a broad network of staff specialized in industry, utilities, residential constructions & excavations, roads & bridges and hydraulics, Oranjegroep provides the flexible and ideal solution to its customers. Read more.