About us

We find the right person for the right job, for the right customer: we put you in touch. This is what the company Oranjegroep does, already since September, 20, 1999, by recruitment & selection, temporary work and secondment. Our many years of experience have helped Oranje Group to build an entire network in constructions and electrotechnics that grows day by day. During this entire time, we have become the largest temporary work agency form the Netherlands, with a wide portfolio of reputed companies.

From Rotterdam, where the headquarters of Oranjegroep is located, we provide jobs on a daily basis to over 2500 people and put them in touch with our customers from the Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, Poland, Romania and Sweden. Having a broad network of staff specialized in constructions and technics, Oranjegroep provides the flexible and ideal solution to its customers.

Our projects and locations are not limited to only one particular area or segment. You can find everywhere people working for Oranjegroep in industry, civil engineering and utilities, excavations, roads and hydraulic engineering.

At our head office, a team of approximately 80 men and women contribute every day to find the right job for the right person; from management positions, in-house and outsourced commercial agents, recruiters and payroll management employees, to planners. Our team is multicultural, with no less than fourteen different nationalities, thus we can communicate in and support very many languages, all under the same roof. This is a major advantage for projects that are more and more internationalized.

Currently, Oranjegroep is widely represented in Europe, with branches in Croatia (from 2014), Romania (from 2017) and Poland (from 2018). We have employees of our own working in these countries. We recruit personnel from within the entire EU and most employees are seconded in the Netherlands and Belgium. What people don’t know is that we are also involved in projects from other EU countries, where our people can find a new job.

One of the most important tasks we have every day is to help our customers lose their worries. We deal with the entire process of finding and selecting the right people with the right experience, who have documents in order and – where applicable – we offer accommodation and transport.

We provide approximately 1250 overnight stays every day (in locations with SNF accreditation), to employees who live too far from their job to travel daily. In addition, we have a vehicle fleet of almost 400 cars that we make available to people who cannot pay for their transport or who come to work from abroad.

Our company gives you the opportunity to develop your professional skills. We have opened our own professional training school in Moerdijk. Besides that, Oranjegroep is a training company and makes all the efforts to offer its employees professional development opportunities.

We are NEN 4400 and NBBU certified. This is the guarantee that everyone receives payment in accordance with the market level and that work is carried out in a safe and professional environment.

"Oranjegroep: Flexibility in constructions and technical staff IN ONE PLACE"


20 years of Oranjegroep

See below our calendar; the important events are marked orange:

1999 Establishing Oranjeflex with offices in Rotterdam, of Karel Doormanstraat “The House Chamber”

2001 Changing its headquarters to Schiedamsedijk in Rotterdam

2002 Establishing Oranjegroep Holding B.V.

2002 Accreditation as a recruitment company in Belgium (Oranjebuild)

2003 Changing the headquarters to Boompjes in Rotterdam

2004 First Oranje Herring Party 

2006 Buying the first house “Eikenstraat Dongen” 

2008 Important reference point: 50 overnight stays, every day 

2012 Changing the headquarters to Van Vollenhovenstraat in Rotterdam

2014 Open the offices & establishing Oranje Group Croatia 

2015 Important reference point: vehicle fleet made of 60 company cars

2015 Start: De Harde Vocational School (founder + sponsor)  

2016 Important reference point: 500 overnight stays, every day 

2017 Important reference point: vehicle fleet made of 250 company cars   

2017 Open the offices + establishing Oranje Group Romania

2017 Opening the offices of Geleen

2017 Important reference point: 1000 overnight stays through Oranjegroep  

2018 Open the offices + establishing Oranje Group Poland

2018 Important reference point: 2000 people at work, 1250 overnight stays every day, 300 cars

2018 Accreditation as a recruitment company in Belgium (Oranjebflex)

2018 OOpen the offices + establishing the Moerdijk Vocational School



What could we mean to you?

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