For our safety discipline, we are always in search of professionals.

You’re an experienced and certified safety professional? Then you’re the person we’re looking for. We make available for various customers in the Netherlands and Belgium, staff for industry, civil engineering and utilities, excavations, road constructions and hydraulic engineering.

We always have jobs for responsible people, motivated in creating a safe working environment. In order for you to work as a safety professional in the Netherlands and Belgium you must meet a series of standard requirements that are very important to us. We especially refer to them as working at high altitude means a great deal of responsibility (safety) both for you and for your co-workers and people surrounding you.

  • You have to have experience that you can demonstrate 
  • You must not be afraid of heights or be claustrophobic!
  • You have to own a First-Aid Certificate issued by NIBHV
  • You have to own a certificate: Means for extinguishing small-sized fires / Hydrant operation
  • You have to own an EX-OX-TOX certificate (Gas measurement)
  • You have to own at least one basic Occupational Health & Safety Certificate (which you can acquire by means of Oranjegroep, if applicable)

Of course, no project or request from our customers is the same. However, we have a few jobs that Oranjegroep is searching for constantly:

  • Firefighter / Fire guard
  • Manhole security officer / Exterior security officer
  • Security guard
  • Security supervisor
  • Security coordinator
  • Occupational Health & Safety Manager
  • Road traffic controller 
  • Traffic agent
  • Concrete Supervisor 
  • Construction site guard
  • Event agent
  • Event parking agent 
  • Basic security expert (BVK)
  • Operational security expert (BVK)
  • Environmental security expert (BVK)
  • Project management expert (DLP)