Looking for a job


You’re a professional in constructions and electrotechnics in search of a job? At Oranjegroep, you’ve come to the right place. We are one of the largest agencies in the Netherlands specialized in secondment, with a wide portfolio of reputed companies. From September 1999 we succeed in finding interesting and diverse projects for our employees.

This means that we provide jobs on a daily basis to over 2500 people in the Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, Poland, Romania and Sweden. It’s been many years already since we’ve done this with full dedication and, besides jobs, we also provide accommodation and transport. We provide approximately 1250 overnight stays per day (in locations with SNF accreditation), to employees who live too far from their job to travel daily. In addition, we have a vehicle fleet of almost 450 cars that we make available to people who cannot pay for their transport or who come to work from abroad.

With the help of our devoted customers, but also with the help of the new ones, we make sure that there are enough jobs for everybody. Especially because the current market offers a great deal of opportunities. So, we offer you an interesting working environment in which you can grow professionally, and at the same time motivating you. We provide jobs both for experienced professionals and for entry-level employees.

Our company gives you the opportunity to develop your professional skills. We have opened our own professional training school in Moerdijk. Besides that, Oranjegroep is a training company and makes all the efforts to offer its employees professional development opportunities. Of course, we also offer an excellent package of primary and secondary employment conditions. 

We are NEN 4400 and NBBU certified. This is the guarantee that you receive payment in accordance with the market level and that you work in a safe and professional environment.

Oranjegroep is also represented outside the Netherlands, having companies in: 

  • Croatia (from 2014)
  • Romania (from 2017)
  • Poland (din 2018)

We also have employees who work in these countries. We recruit from within the entire European Union and most of our employees are seconded in the Netherlands and Belgium. However, what people don’t know is the fact that we are also involved in projects in different countries of the EU, where our people can obtain a new job. This extended (European) orientation is not quite out of the ordinary if you come to think that in our offices, we have people of fourteen nationalities working.



Oranje Group’s object of activity is to recruit people for constructions and electrotechnics. 

We do not provide manpower for only one particular area or segment. You can find everywhere people working for Oranjegroep in industry, civil engineering and utilities, excavations, roads and hydraulic engineering.

You have professional experience and want to start work? In this case, we would like to contact you. Click on the discipline you’re interested in in order to find out more information and possibilities to submit your application.

What do you need to do in order to start working for us?

First of all, you need to tell us that you are looking for a job in constructions or electrotechnics. You can do this by sending a message to one of our job vacancies within the discipline you’re interested in. Remember that we carry out our activity in the entire area of constructions and technics; thus, the specified disciplines may overlap in certain work fields. You can’t find your job in the discipline you’ve selected? Have a look at the others disciplines. You must be aware of the fact that the jobs posted by us are only a small part of the very wide range of possibilities the supply and demand have to offer. 

When we find a right job for you and/or if we have more questions, we will contact you. Enter your data as complete as possible; if your data is comprehensive, we can search a job for you in various ways.


Starting work

If you’ll start working for us, we expect that you carry out your activity as thorough as possible. You are a symbol of the reputed company Oranjegroep.  Have respect for your co-workers, for the resources made available by the company and for other persons’ belongings. Come to work on time and keep your word on the agreements you made.

Abide by the rules established by the beneficiary and always comply with the general safety rules and with the specific rules from your place of work. Keep in mind: these can be very different dependent on the location and it’s extremely important to take care of your own safety and the safety of your co-workers. 

Within the Oranje Group, the management is mainly responsible for establishing the company policy and for enforcing the provisions of the law. Nevertheless, enforcing the safety policy is a line responsibility, which means that you, as employee, have a series of responsibilities and competences within the labour law. Safety above all.


Accredited training company

Oranje Group offers unique possibilities to use your talents to the maximum potential because we are an accredited training company. As an employer, we take into account you permanent development as a professional technician. We provide on a regular basis courses and trainings that are necessary for you (and that are necessary for us too), in order to be able to continue working for our customers. We offer our courses bot within the company and outside it, due to the fact that – along the way – we have developed good and stable relationships in the area of education and professional training. Also, we have our own school of professional training, in Moerdijk.